UW Honors BBI Benefactors Dan and Pam Baty with Gates Volunteer Service Award

‘Lifetime of philanthropic giving, volunteerism, and impact’


Ana Mari and the Batys UW President Dr. Ana Mari Cauce (center) welcomes Dan and Pamela Baty to the UW gala (photo courtesy UW).

Dan and Pamela Baty, benefactors of BBI, were honored September 8 with the UW’s Gates Volunteer Service Award for their “lifetime of philanthropic giving, volunteerism and impact.”.

The award is given annually to UW supporters whose “long-term volunteer efforts of time, service and philanthropy have encouraged others to similarly support the University of Washington.”

In addition to supporting the university’s Foster School of Business, the UW Medicine’s Diabetes Institute, and Husky athletics, the “visionary leadership” of the Batys, as well as that of Jeff and Susan Brotman, led to the creation of the BBI.

Susan Brotman, widow of Jeff Brotman, was one of the speakers at the event.

“It is impossible to quickly capture the many ways the Batys have helped shape this university, but put simply, they have had a tremendous impact,” she said. “They love this place, and they have worked tirelessly to set it up to make a big difference. The Baty family exemplifies generosity, commitment and kindness… (and a) lifetime of philanthropic giving, volunteerism and impact.”

BBI Scientific Director Dr. Jay Shendure, who delivered the faculty keynote address at the celebration, spoke about the Brotmans’ and Batys’ “extraordinary gift in 2016 to launch the institute” and noted “we are living in a truly extraordinary time in science and medicine.”

“(O)ur shared (genetic makeup)… underlies a natural human instinct to be concerned with the health and well-being of others, including complete strangers, in the everyday practice of science and medicine,” Shendure said. “And that same humanity is also at the core of the magnificent philanthropy that we’re here tonight to celebrate.”

UW President Ana Mari Cauce noted the Batys’ commitment to the UW is heartfelt and personal.

“This is a place that they love,” she said. “This is a place where they studied. This is a place that’s part of their DNA. They understand that by giving to our university, by giving to our School of Medicine, by giving to the Foster School, by giving to athletics, they are giving to a greater good…. If you look at the sum of Dan and Pam’s giving, it’s all about bringing people together.”