• Lea Starita

  • Jay Shendure


December 2017- Present


BBI Advanced Technology Lab

Facilitating Access To Single-Cell Analysis, Large-Scale Functional Analysis, Pathogen Detection, And Other Innovative Technologies

The BAT-Lab is developing and facilitating access to new technologies, including single-cell analysis, large-scale functional analysis, and pathogen detection.

Services Include:

Single Cell Sequencing: We offer a suite of services for single nucleus sequencing and data interpretation. Learn more about the method, tools, and services here>

Single Cell Bioinformatics: The BBI Single Cell Bioinformatics Platform develops data analyses and visualization tools for the emerging field of single cell genomics, in part to support the BBI’s Seattle Single Cell Initiative.

Saturation Genome Editing: Saturation Genome Editing (SGE) is a CRISPR/Cas9-based method to functionally test the effects of large numbers of variants in their native genomic context.

Pathogen Detection: BBI conducts real-time quantitative PCR testing using its own lab-developed test for SARS-CoV-2, as well as the OpenArray™ multi-pathogen panel to test for flu and other respiratory illnesses.

Learn more about all of the BAT lab services on the platform page >